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Survey Junkie Review & Process

Taking paid surveys is certainly not a career path, but it can put enough dollars in your pocket to pay for a couple of movie ticket (but probably not the popcorn) once a month. There are a large number of websites that offer paid surveys, but not all of them are what they seem to be. Many offer to sell a list of survey sites, and they only tell you this once you have signed up. Others, only offer weird rewards which are not really useful for the average consumer. Then there are actual paid survey sites which help their members make money that they can actually spend on real-world items. It is worth mentioning again that the money that is possible to earn through sites like Survey Junkie is not going to make you rich, but will help you make a bit of money to pay for a little thing or two.

Survey Junkie is a paid survey site which offers potential members the opportunity to earn money through joining survey panels which are designed to collect information about the habits and preferences of consumers on products or services. Unlike a lot of other survey companies, Survey Junkie does not promise riches, and is straight-forward about what is really possible through the use of its platform and service. This is a big plus, since transparency is usually a big problem with these types of companies.

The process of signing up and using the Survey Junkie service is relatively simple, though the profile completion process will take some time, but the good thing is that you will only need to do it once from scratch, and can update it as necessary.

Members start by signing up for a free account (stay away from survey sites which charge a membership fee), and complete a series of questions that will help complete your member profile. The profile is used to match you up with survey panels, which is how you will make your money.

Once you have singed up and completed your profile, you will need to sit back and wait for the Survey Junkie system to match you up with available surveys. When a positive match happens, Survey Junkie will send you an email with a notification. It is probably a good idea to have a dedicated email account for this purpose, as you may end up getting a lot of emails, and it would be desirable to keep your main email box free of these emails.

The more surveys you are able to complete the more money you will be able to make, and once you have hit the payment threshold Survey Junkie will pay you through a direct deposit or Paypal payment.

You are not going to get rich, but you will be able to make a few extra bucks to help pay for a movie ticket, or even some lotto tickets which can then lead to riches.